Monday, October 11, 2010

Closed for the season.... See you in the spring

Well you guessed it, another year come and gone and camp is closed for the season. What a great year it was. Lots of  food, friends, fires and ooooohhhhh the jello shots. Yeah I tend to overindulge but so what, you only live once and life is ttoooo short not to do what you love (or who lol) but anyway....everyone packed up everything they had and closed up their campers for another season. What a long winter this will be. Still seems so out of place, we do this every year, this year so many people weren't there.They were missed so much by everyone this year. Next season wont be any different. OK past the sentimental stuff. I am going to miss the late night fires and talks with friends.The kids laughing and having fun ( young and old) Just too bad we waited too late in the year for the dinner get togethers. Didn't I say I was done with the sentimental stuff? oh well so I get a little emotional sometimes...Get over it! We will of course see each other through the winter but it's never the same. There is just something about the crackling fire, looking up at the stars, full moons, the wind blowing through the trees, but the friends are still the best thing about it. They are always there for each other and we can talk about ANYTHING!!! And most will do anything for each other. I will always value the friends I have there and will treasure forever the memories made with the friends we have lost along the way. So until next spring rolls around, I hope for many many gatherings with those friends through the winter and next year hope to see them all happy and safe as we begin another season. Love to you all and see you soon!!Oo

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